About AGM

Advancing The Gospel Ministries (AGM) is a ministry helps pastors in the US and internationally, cultivate a passion for Christ by mentoring, training, and discipling those who do not have the ability, the finances, or the opportunities to receive formal theological training for Ministry.

The desire of (AGM) is to fill that area of need in the lives of the pastors who will faithfully give themselves to pastor the flock that the Lord has given them. Most pastors in international settings are bivocational because their churches are not in a financial place to support them full time. This trend is becoming more prevalent in the US, where many bivocational pastors work in impoverished areas, both rural and urban. Many pastors begin ministry without formal preparation (seminary) and lack access to continuing theological education. Some came to faith in Christ later in life and have a sense of calling to fulltime ministry, but must continue in their present job in order to make ends meet. These understand their need for training, but lack the knowledge and means to procure it. Others are existing leaders in a church who have been encouraged to transition to a senior or lead-pastor role without much training.  These men often start with a great passion to preach Christ in their churches and communities. As time moves on their passion for Christ diminishes due to the day to day burdens of life and ministry. The need for spiritual strengthening and encouragement becomes essential. AGM can both strength their understanding of God and His Word and provide encouragement through networking and relationships with other pastors.”


Our mission is to help these men keep their love and passion for Christ, by providing the following ministry to them:


  • Theological Training– that develops the areas of how to Study the Bible, Basic Biblical Theology, and Bible literacy.
  • Mentoring and Discipleship- with seasoned pastors that will help them work through areas of their personal lives and ministries.
  • Philosophy of Ministry- helping to take biblical principles to develop a solid Philosophy of ministry and apply them to their church.
  • Theological Resources- books, study material and other resources to help the pastors be better equipped to teach their congregations.
  • Networking and Partnerships- developing a solid network of pastors, churches and ministries that can aid pastors in fulfilling the Great Commission in their communities.



Advancing the Gospel Ministries is a subsidiary of The Springbrook Foundation, a 501 c3 organization.