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— with seasoned Pastors that will help them work through areas of their personal lives and ministries

Often times Pastors who are leading people are expected to have their spiritual and personal lives in complete order. They are seen as “A Spiritual Superman” who has it all together and yet these men are sheep who also need to be cared for. The Bible makes it clear that the spiritual life of a Pastor is to be both an example for others to follow and himself be a continually growing believer (I Timothy 4:11-16).

This is the area where Pastors will have the greatest opportunity and freedom to grow in their personal lives and ministries. AGM staff as well as selected experienced Pastors will develop relationships with them to encourage and strengthen these areas. The following  will be the focus for AGM with the Pastors:

  • Personal Devotion to Christ
  • Marriage and Family
  • Personal Purity
  • Pride and Humility