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— that develops the areas of how to Study the Bible, Basic Biblical Theology, and Bible literacy

This is where these Pastors are going to gain the strength to persevere and excel in their passion for Christ and in the ministry. Preaching and teaching the Word of God is their highest priority. The Apostle Paul both with his example (Acts 20) and his teaching (Ephesians 4:11-16; I Timothy 3:1-3; II Timothy 4:1-5) stressed the importance of this to the life the church. AGM will engage Pastors at this level, helping some to build the foundation of their  Ministry or strengthening others who have minimal training. The goal here is to work with Pastors individually,  based upon their personal need for training. Whenever possible these men would be worked with in groups or classroom settings so as to have them benefit from each other’s insights and interaction.

This part of the Ministry would be considered the formal training dimension of what AGM does. By building relationships with the Pastors, the opportunity for this will become apparent and AGM will provide through its staff and other Pastors this training option.

Curriculum already exists for the following areas:

  • Bible Study Methods.
  • Theology of the Bible
  • Theology of the Gospel
  • Theology of God
  • Theology of the Church
  • Bible Survey